You have the robot.

Now, let's make it sing.

Rebellum is a robotics and computer vision platform for small businesses.

It's free to download.

Robot see, robot do.

Hey robot, if you see an avocado, do this.

If you see an apple, do that.

Teach your robot to recognize any object using any webcam.

It all runs from your desktop on your local hardware.

Train computer vision models and program your robot in the same app.

Simple, right?


Build dynamic robotic tasks at the touch of a button.

Configure custom end effectors, control external devices, respond to inputs, respond to objects seen by a camera, handle varied payloads, manually adjust position, repeat previous movements, adjust speed ...

without writing a single line of code.

Ideal for small businesses in manufacturing, warehousing, agriculture, or lab environments.

We built this for you.

Supported Robot Hardware

uFactory xArm 5 Lite, xArm 6, xArm 7.

uFactory xArm Gripper.

Custom mechanical end effectors.

(Got a request? Let us know!)

Talk to us. We're great listeners.

Ready to get started?

Rebellum is free to download.

Rebellum Subscription

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Rebellum in Action

Manually guide the robot into position (and make adjustments) using Manual Mode.

Fine tune robot position.

Build dynamic and responsive robotic tasks with built-in functions: control external devices, respond to input, and create conditional movements.

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